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Diary of a Dancer

owner of $5 million dollar legs

Cyd Charisse
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Took my name (Cyd) from a nickname originated from my brother. Initially he could not say "sister" and called me "Sid." I took the nickname and convinced my agent to keep the name with the present spelling. He feared that Sid was too masculine.

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Measurements: 34 1/2B-22-37; height: 5'9"

I was "the other woman" in Marilyn Monroe's last and unfinished film, Something's Got to Give (1962).

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In 1952 I had a $5-million insurance policy accepted on my legs.

I lost out on two of MGM's biggest movie musical roles. I fell and injured my knee during a dance leap on a film which forced me out of the role of Nadina Hale in Easter Parade (1947;film was relased in '48). (Ann Miller replaced me.) I also had to relinquish the lead femme role in An American in Paris (1950; film was released in '51) due to pregnancy. Leslie Caron took over the part and became a star. ;)

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So maybe I was one of the greatest female dancers in the history of the movie musicals, but my singing in films was almost always dubbed, most notably by Carol Richards in Brigadoon (1954) and a young Vikki Carr in The Silencers (1966).

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"When you've danced with Cyd Charisse, you stay danced with." ~*~ Fred Astaire


her father, Ernest Finklea
her first husband, Nico Charisse
son, Nicholas "Nicky" Charisse Jr.
Howard Hughes (dated for a short time)
second husband, Tony Martin
son, Tony Martin Jr.

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